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How Many Class Periods per Day?
How many class periods do you teach per day? Do you get a prep period each day?... Read More
Does your school expect you to pay for your own supplies?
I know that in a lot of districts, budgets are very tight, and I've heard that in some cases, if teachers want even the most basic supplies like paper, they have to buy it themselves. - - What is you... Read More
How much homework per class?
Assuming that you see your students for 80 minutes every other day, how much homework do you assign per class period?... Read More
High school homeschooling curriculum
For homeschooling at the high school level, which is best - using curriculum all from one source, or using a variety of curricula for different subjects?... Read More
Rainy Day Activities
We had a very wet spring, and I've been at my wits' end trying to come up with activities to do with my 4th graders during recess time. Ideas, anyone?... Read More
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