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Lesson plans and classroom activities in the areas of mathematics, social studies, lanaguage arts, science, technology, and more.

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Educational resources, classroom activities, educational theories, and lesson plans appropriate for all teachers.

How to accurately assess whether your students are learning what you're teaching. Articles on testing, quizzing, and homework assignments.
Classroom activities to teach listening skills, as a crucial part of the educational process.
Study skills - articles discussing the importance of good study skills, and how students can develop good study skills

Simple yet profound statements and phrases that describe the foundation of interpersonal relations. Human relations were never so simple!
Attitudes-Based Learning, a program initiated in the year 2000 to inculcate positive attitudes and character in children
Clairece Feagin covers the pitfalls and benefits of celebrations of special events, occasions, and holidays for young children.
Preschool activity explores emotions - includes painting, facial expressions, reading, motivation, and more
How Abraham Maslow's Theory of Hierarchical Needs applies to the classroom and the teacher
A mathematical approach to planning your school year and curriculum to avoid stress
Positive Parent Contact Logs help maintain positive relations with the students'parent or guardian by offering positive feedback
Are we transitioning from a “teaching centered” system to a “learning centered” system...should we be?
Write up a lesson plan, or just a paragraph or two about your favorite teaching trick.

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Write up a lesson plan, or just a paragraph or two about your favorite teaching trick.
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